The PICColina Foundation


Recognizing the need for pediatric cancer patients to have creative expression while undergoing intense medical treatments, The PICColina Foundation designs and provides, at no charge to the patient, attractive arm covers which effectively cover and help protect PICC lines that these youngsters must have while undergoing chemotherapy treatments. We offer these deserving kids a way to "personalize" a very high-tech piece of medical equipment and make it over in their own "style". 

Who We Are

Currently, Piccolina PICC Covers are offered to children who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, California. We have recently achieved both 501(c) (3) status and federal non-profit status, so that we may continue to grow in our effort to serve these children and other young patients required to have a surgically implanted PICC line. and to pursue our goal of distributing the covers to Pediatric Cancer Treatment centers throughout the United States.

By raising awareness of our project, we are hoping to attract future financial support to the Piccolina Foundation. As a future donor you can help children maintain their individuality, confidence and self-expression during a very difficult time. The Piccolina Foundation is also working toward establishing an art therapy program for children who are dealing with the devastating impact of having a life threatening illness.